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Microtones and EXPORT-MUSICXML

Hi all,

Does the EXPORT-MUSICXML object support 1/12 tones? I’m trying to export a voice object containing 1/12 tones as an XML file, though the EXPORT-MUSICXML object keeps quantising the pitches to the nearest 1/8 tone.

I’ve attached an example patch and XML file demonstrating the issue.

I’m aware that Music XML currently only supports these accidentals, but I suspect there are enough options there to notate 1/12 tones (especially if used in combination with Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL) accidentals, which are also supported).

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Test-export-12th-tones.xml (4.6 KB)
xml-export-tests.omp (13.0 KB)

Dear Steven,

As you stated, it is musicxml format that doesn’t support accidentals other than those you stated. OM does because it has its own representation for “non-standard” accidentals.
Concerning SMulf accidentals, unfortunately, as shown in the mxml 4.0 (latest format) it is only for medieval notation:


Hi Karim,

As of MusicXML 3.1, all SMuFL accidentals mentioned in this document are supported. See this discussion.

This includes Extended Helmholtz-Ellis, Sims, Wyschnegradsky and other systems that are well suited to notating 1/12 tones. Extended Helmholtz-Ellis is a particularly strong candidate (where one syntonic comma = one 1/12 tone).

Dear Steven,

Thank you for the info. However, this seems a little “thin” regarding compatibility.
When this will be official, and compatible with 3rd party mxml parsers such as Finale, Dorito, and Sibelius, we can consider coding it in OM. But by experience, introducing new features in mxml export has been always hazardous and time consuming unfortunately.


No problem, Karim; thank you for investigating. I’ll monitor the compatibility with 3rd party mxml parsers and let you know if there are any developments.

Ok thanks, will wait for some feedback then.