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Microtonal playback on MacOS and Windows

I would like to know what can be used for microtonal playback on OM6.17, MacOS and Windows. I personally use Ruben’s R-udp-player on MacOS, and it works great, but I would like to know what are the other options, especially on Windows, since the R-udp-player is not working on this platform (I think that it’s because the fluidsynth-64bit external has not yet been written for Windows, but I may be wrong?).
Thanks for your help,

Dear Jimmie,

You can still use microtonal playback. Please see tutorial 10 (http://recherche.ircam.fr/equipes/repmus/OpenMusic/user-doc/DocFiles/Tutorial/tut010/Index.html). This is the way usually it is done even if you use a default midi player like windows media player or any midi synth. You just have to de-tune your correct channels. However please be aware that the tutorial in question has been modified, so please do take a look to the tutorial Patch. Values and Procedure of de-tuning has been changed.

Hope this helps


Many thanks, Karim!
All best,

Hi, my little app can fulfill your need? Link: http://serdarcelik.funfox.com.tr/micromidi.html

Thank you, it seems very interesting, indeed!
Just to be sure: does it convert automatically microtonal sequences from OM using the standard MIDI ports, or we need to first tune the four channels as is explained in Tutorial 10?
Best regards,

the link toward the apps is dead

http://serdarcelik.funfox.com.tr/assets/micro-midi-1.0_mac.zip do not work

404 error

Hi Serdar,

Jérôme is right, I get a 404 too…

All the best,

sorry ; ) the temporary link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uKIAayYtm8Z2oaam7dpvNcgsGOtFepRn/view?usp=sharing

It’s ok, I got it. Many thanks

but I have a problem with the standalone :

Do you have a patch version ? or rebuild your .app ?

Mac OSX Mojave


you got everything (here comment.mxo) and I have a look at the Contents in general and it seems ok…

I’ve tested other standalones and they are ok…

I made some test on OSX High-Sierra, and it’s exactly the same behavior:

  • first launch : the app is ok
  • second and more launches : exactly idem : see result above

  • no preferences in library/application support

Hoping it helps…

Hi, is this app still alive / available somewhere? Cheers! M

Hi Marlon, the problem was fixed, enjoy : )

link: micromidi