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Microtonal in OM 7.0

Hello Karim!

I have met a issue with auto microtone bend in om7.10
(System: tested on 10.15.7 & 12.3 intel)

I use SimpleSynth for the midi sound and in OM7.10 the auto microtone bend gives wrong pitch.
When I check it on,
Test_Microtonal.omp (3.9 KB)
the C4 will be played as Bb3, and there is not really a microtonal midi playback.
Could you help me with that and tell me how to setup it correctly?

Thank you very much!

Best wishes,

Dear Jianlin

Please DON’T use auto microtone bend because this is not working. I have once removed it from the preferences, but restored it on request.
The best way and safe way to play microtones in OM is the tutorial 10 method:

with the following preferences setup:


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Thank you Karim for the very detailed solution!
I have tested and it works very well!

Best wishes,