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Merger Mystery

Hello All,

I am having difficulty passing this merger voice result out to a parent patch.

Within this patch, all evaluates well!
However, when I attempt to evaluate the patch containing the voice result, I receive this error:

If I remove the merger function and pass the voices independently, I have no issue. The error seems specific to my use of merger.


Hi David,

Can you send the patch. It’s hard to know through pictures.


Hi Karim,
Here is a patch reproducing the issue.
Thanks for your help!
merger-test-patch.omp (17.4 KB)

Dear David,

The patch you’ve sent is working.
Very strange?
Which OM version you are using?
and which version of repmus lib?

Hi Karim,
I’m using OM 7.1 and Repmus 1.3

Hi Karim,
I just updated to OM 7.2 and all is good!
Thank you again for your help!

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