Melody in OpenMusic, how to make it easier?

Hello everyone!

I’m a composer and I’m starting to work with OpenMusic. On a patch I created a melody, which is the melody of the Ode to Joy in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (the melody that I created is in C Major).

My cuestion is, is there an easier (and also more elegant) way to create that melody? I attached en image of the patch, as you can see there are too many numbers and I think there is a better solution.

Every comment is very welcome. Thank you and have a good day!


Hi Ignacio!

For rhyhmts you can check the function #'mktree, which lets you enter rhythm values closer to a standard musical syntax, ie: (1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 3/16 1/16 …), For symbolic note names, the function #'n->mc can take symbolic note names (e3 e3 f3 g4…) and output a list of midicents. For simple punching of note values, like your example, these are presumably closer to normal musical thinking.

Not sure what you consider to be ‘easier’, but for instance the voice editor has some rudimentary inbuilt editing support - check some ways by hitting ‘h’ inside the editor, e.g. 1-9, Esc, Ctrl-click etc.

if you use well know composers you can drag a midi file of the score and connect it to your chord seq .