Melody in OpenMusic, how to make it easier?


Hello everyone!

I’m a composer and I’m starting to work with OpenMusic. On a patch I created a melody, which is the melody of the Ode to Joy in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (the melody that I created is in C Major).

My cuestion is, is there an easier (and also more elegant) way to create that melody? I attached en image of the patch, as you can see there are too many numbers and I think there is a better solution.

Every comment is very welcome. Thank you and have a good day!



Hi Ignacio!

For rhyhmts you can check the function #'mktree, which lets you enter rhythm values closer to a standard musical syntax, ie: (1/8 1/8 1/8 1/8 3/16 1/16 …), For symbolic note names, the function #'n->mc can take symbolic note names (e3 e3 f3 g4…) and output a list of midicents. For simple punching of note values, like your example, these are presumably closer to normal musical thinking.