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MaxMSP > Panoramix Routings

Hello All,

Could anyone suggest the typical way to route audio from Max to Panoramix? I cannot see a way to make: Max > Blackhole & Blackhole > Panoramix work as they share the same Max application I/O.
In attempts to direct spat5.source to spat5.panoramix~ in Max the signal doesn’t appear etc…

Any help is appreciated!

I missed that there should be both spat5.panoramix and spat5.panoramix~ linked – for now I have a workaround without the need for Blackhole using @mc 1 with the behaviour I wanted routing through Panoramix:

I can’t seem to do this without the use of the mc wrapper, for instance in the panoramix~ helpfile example the spat5.source just doesn’t seem to route to Panoramix (I’m sure it’s something simple I’m missing).


A patch is better than words. Have a look at Lisa or Panoramix patcher located here :




thanks for the info Jerome!

Great !

I’ve had a look at spat5.source and I don’t see the point of using it with spat5.panoramix… On the other hand, I like the idea of mc.pink~ :slight_smile: . it’s a roundabout way of using panoramix…

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good to know thanks Jerome :+1:

just a follow-up, do you know of a way to meter specific signals at audio rate returning from panoramix in Max beyond the [spat5.osc.route] method? reading the levels with multisliders proving a little clunky and limited UI wise and although I can obviously mc.unpack outputs I would love an option to keep the routing dynamic in the Panoramix session and yet receive the same channels in Max e.g. /lfe/levels/output to a [live.meter~] etc

Most of the time with Spat5 patches, there’s a status button… you can learn the instructions.

Can you send a patch ?

ah, interesting! I’ve PM’ed a patch, many thanks :pray: