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Max for live Virtual Choir doesn't work on PC

Max for live Virtual chord doesn’t work on my PC and Ableton Live 10 and 11. Now i can confirm it
after trying the example demo on both of my computers PC and Mac .
On Mac it works fine on PC if i push the Dry/Wet to 100 % No signal , if i stay under 100% only the input dry signal comes out , no processed signal .

Thank you

Patrick Mimran


thank you for your feedback. I’m a bit surprised that you can’t hear anything because the image sent seems to show a correct modulation of the vue-meters. What version of Windows PC are you working on? Virtual Choir has not yet been tested on live 11. Have you already opened the device in Max? What does the Max console tell you? Do you have any error messages that could help us? Thank you for your help. We hope we can answer your question.