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Max 7


The Max Apps packages are not recognized by Max 7, nor the objects as well (I’ve only tried to open an Mlys patch). Does it mean we have to use Max 6?

Thank you


There are a couple of known problems regarding the default sound files not being found, but the vast majority the patches should just run fine with Max 7.

You need to uncompress the one you want and copy the folder in the ~/Documents/Max 7/Packages folder, it should look like the attached image.


Thanks Emmanuel

That’s what my directory looks like, but the package-info.json file is not in the main directory after download. That might explain the issue. Would you have an idea?



The package-info.json isn’t required. Your problem is that your folder structure is incorrect. You can’t make subdirectories in the Packages folder. The attached picture should be better :wink:


Thanks Emmanuel, problem solved.