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Maquette with inside

hello omlisters,

I’ve have a maquette which I connected to an inside object which when evaluated returns a list of multiseqs. from there I can ask for any nth mseq. the problem is that the list of mseqs that comes from the inside object has different order than the temporal order in the maquette. so I guess that the contents of the maquette are not listed by any user-defined temporal criteria. more than one solution can be addressed here. one being exporting all mseqs out of the maquette. but given that the mseqs in the maquette are named, I just wanted to ask if there is any way to ‘identify’ those objects. because if I connect a nth mseq from the list provided by inside object to a new mseq it will lose its name and so it gets complex to identify which is which. having to do this for a large list of some 30 mseqs, many of which are indeed very similar, is so annoying.
thanks in advance for any tip on this,

Hi Perti,

Once again, a MWE would have been welcome.
Here is a patch that might help you out with your problem.

maquette3.omp (22.4 KB)

oh I see. I didn’t know about free-store. good solution!. comes in very handy for next projects, although in the meantime I took the hard way and tested every mseq against the list order and wrote some quick lisp code to map it to my order.
thanks a lot Karim,
best regards,