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Many errors: "pipo~: FIFO is full"


I use 8 instances of [pipo~ psy] in one patch, and I have no problem, but in another patch, relatively similar, using 6 instances of the object, I have thousands of “pipo~: FIFO is full” errors and the pipo~ objects are not working. I have the same buffer size for each pipo~ in each patch. I tried deleting parts of my patch and I could not find anything that was clearly causing the error. What could it be?

Thank you

The patch works fine with Max 7, no error. I have “pipo~: FIFO is full” errors on a few versions of Max 8 that I tried. I can make the error stop, in Max 8, by deleting a little patcher even if the signal does not go to any [pipo~]. That patcher has a tapin~ tapout~, thresh~ line~ edge~ and a couple other objets. I have the latest version of pipo~

Hi, thanks for your thorough checking of this. What were the DSP settings of the different Max instances you tried? These warnings should be only transitory and occur when the scheduler is overloaded. You can change the size of the FIFO with @outputbuffer.

Since 1.9.15, messages are staggered and should read:
FIFO is full (condition occured 100 times)


Hi schwarz,

I have the 1.9.16 version and error messages are by the hundreds. I actually never saw a “(condition occurred 100 times)”.

I can not find any suggestion of DSP and @outputbuffer settings. So, I used default pipo~ that seams to be 256 and tried a few different possibilities in Max without much difference in performances and errors. I compared Max versions with a 1024 I/O Vector Size and 1024 Signal Vector Size. If you know somewhere giving some best practice exemples of buffer and vector size with pipo~, I’d love to read it.

Thank you