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Lost [in] time stretching

Dear all, I have a list with 14 elements that is reduced to 12 elements after my time stretch patch. I can not figure out what I’m missing. Best, Dagfinn
Lost time streching.omp (29.7 KB)

Dear Dagfinn,

this one’s easy!:

Your “Time Stretch v.2 PM” patch removes all 0 since there is no 0 duration.
And your 'Letters to position" outputs a 14 integer list where there are 2 zeros, removed in your time stretch patch.
Now to avoid this, you should increment the 14 integer list by one like so:

The patch:
lost time streching-1.omp (30.8 KB)

Take care my friend.

Dear Karim, thanks a lot my friend!

My neurotic self likes to see systems go up. If I had been a young composer in the 50s, I would probably have been a millitant serialist. :smiley:

Best, Dagfinn