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Long Forms in CAC


Long forms are only meant to express here musical form across several bars and whole movements, i.e. composition as it expresses itself in long spans of time. Once again it seems that I’m hitting the wall hard on how well I can express my thoughts publicly, but here goes:

What techniques are there in Computer-Assisted Composition (CAC) in order to help us sculpt/interpret the long form of musical pieces? I’ve struggled with this over the years, I know and employ several short-form techniques in my own compositional boutique but I’ve never been able to conceive of any long-form techniques.

Any hints and insights or free-floating thoughts on this issue would be much appreciated.

All the best,

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Hi António, great question. Have you been looking into Karlheinz Stockhausen’s idea on “Formel”? Open Music is perfect to apply that way of thinking.

On the other hand short-form techniques can be used to build long forms as long as the material have a lot in common. Check out Morton Feldman, Elliot Carter, Witold Lutoslawski and Magnus Lindberg.

All the best, Dagfinn

Hi Dagfinn,

Among all the composers you mentioned, the one I know best and feel the closest to is Lutoslawski and his understanding of musical plot.

OpenMusic has remained over the years a central piece in my inquiries into musical form and development. And I completely agree, it’s great as a probe and testing site for new forms in the musical domain/continuum.

All the best,