Loading libs with OM 6.7

hi all,

previously, for loading an external lib, we only needed to select the folder of the lib like this :

/Applications/OM 6.7/ircam_libs/OM-pm2 1.1 ;; was enough for loading pm2 for example.

and now

/Applications/OM 6.7/ircam_libs/OM-pm2 1.1/resources/bin/mac/pm2_ub.app/Contents/MacOS/pm2 ;; must be selected by hand

it’s sorry !!!

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I can not download the open music 6.7 for osx. I am asked to purchase with this warning:
“The requested download is not purchased yet. Please add to cart and proceed to checkout”. I am asked to be premium member. I was able to download previous versions for free. Is it not free anymore or am I doing something wrong?
Moreover, I can not load Om-Tristan, Om-Orchidee and OM-gecode, the external libs. I have osx 10.8.5.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Fixed… You should be able to download now without being logged in. Sorry!

Dear Arshia,

Thank you a lot for your response. I have installed it already. Now I was be able to load the OM-orchidee with this version. However, same additional external OM libraries like Soal, Harmonic Analysis, do not work anymore. Om-Tristan, OM-gecode are also not working. I don’t know how to fix it. I am going to teach open music after next semester. At least The Tristan library is very important for this purpose. I attached the warnings.

Thanks in advance

gecode.tiff (85.7 KB)

ok, so first note that these are all third-party libraries, and the origins of your problem probably reside in different problems.

  1. Harmonic-analysis: This is indeed a little bug in the lib that prevents to load in OM 6.7. I will notify the author of the lib and you’ll be able to download an update soon.

  2. OM-Gecode: Which version is it ? Where did you get it ? The last version from S. Lemouton seems to load.

  3. SOAL. Idem: is this the last version from Mus3 ?

  4. OMTristan: apparently this is a conflict with an other OM library where this function “ratio” is also defined (but differently). I can’t remember which lib it is but you’ll probably be able to load OMTristan “alone” in OM 6.7.


PS. it is not recommended to load too many libraries at the same time (especially with 3rd party libraries). this makes it more difficult to track possible problems and increases the risk of name conflicts etc.

Dear Jean,

Thank you a lot for your response. I tried to load then alone. It also didn’t work. But SOAL functions now. With the OM 6.7 version OM-Tristan, Harmonic-analysis and OM-gecode doesn’t work. I downloaded the last version of it. It also does’t function. However I installed Om 6.6.2 and 6.5.1 also now. Tristan functions with 6.5.1 and Harmonics analysis functions with 6.6.2. The one which doesn’t function at all is Om-Gecode. Tristan gives now different error warning with 6.7. I will attach it also.
Thank you in advance for your response.

Onur Dulger

tristan-II.tiff (50.3 KB)

@onur - If I recall correctly OMTristan is incompatible with the Esquisse library. Do you have Esquisse installed along with OMTristan ?



Hi all,
Yes Dave you’re right. But omtristan is not just incompatible with esquisse (since it contains some customized esquisse code), but with also om2csound and some others. Being a third party lib, maybe the maintaimnr should do something about this.

You can still hack the lib but this is not that elegant.


Hi Karim, Thanks for the note, I didn’t realize it had further problems. I imagine that I’ll be contacting a few maintainers - I’m testing all the freely available libraries against the latest releases from Anders, I’ve run into various difficulties, some very simple to resolve, some not so simple. I think I’ll start a project to get all those libs updated. :slight_smile:



Thank you for your responses.

I tried to load just the OMTristan library alone. This also didn’t work in OM 6.7. However, it works in OM 6.5.1. AFter installing OM Tristan, I also installed the Esquisse library and most of other libraries. In OM 6.5.1 they function together but not in 6.7 or 6.6.2.

Thank you.


So it sounds like OMTristan is a no-go for the 6.7 version… and what’s more, the rozalie.com/2A_essay site is also down. Any chance that the site will come back online, or that a newer version of OMTristan might be released that is compatible with OM 6.7?

It’s still down. Is there any other way to get OMTristan, even if it means installing an older version of OM?

HI Kamelku,

OMTristan works with 6.5.1. and not even with 6.62


Well, even if I were to find an older OpenMusic release, the website (http://www.rozalie.com/2A_essay.htm) linked to from this list: http://repmus.ircam.fr/openmusic/libraries is still down, so it seems there’s no place to download OMTristan anyway. Guess I could get both of these from my teacher, though.

Hi Guys,

Ok the issue with omtristan, is for a simple reason. There is in the new OM (starting form 6.6 or 6.7 and above) a play and stop functions that conflicts with omtristan. That’s the main reason.THis Lib should be upgraded by the maintainer. THe probleme with 3rd party libraries.
You can still mess with the code of the lib if you know lisp.
I’ll try it, but this wouldn’t be very orthodox method.
Will come to you. When it’s done…


Here is a previous post with a solution to load OMTristan on OM >= 6.6.1
it’s quite simple actually but the lib should indeed be updated…


Here is the OM-Tristan. I don’t know if you can download it from here. This version functions in my computer with OM 6.5.1

OmTristan.zip (229 KB)

here’s a version of OMTristan that works (at least for me) on OM 6.7. In this version I simply removed the (few) functions that conflict with the other functions in OM. I know that is a brute force approach, but it works.
Francesco Vitale

OmTristan-3.0.zip (229 KB)

Thanks, Francesco, works perfectly! (Windows 7 user)

All the best,