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Loading a library

Hello everybody, I have a question: I have just installed Open Music (6.20) on a new computer. I am loading a patch using the OM2Csound library, but I get this message: “Error while loading the library OM2Csound:
Reader cannot find package AU.” I guess it’s something to do with the audio output? May you please explain me how to solve this issue?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Gpp,

Are you sure you are loading the latest om2csound library release ???


Hi Gpp,

I’m assuming that you’ve installed Csound on your system, but have you checked the path to the csound executable in OpenMusic’s Preferences? It should look something like this:

All the best,

Thank you, I didn’t know there was a recent version of this library. Now it works. Thanks again.

Hello Antonio, I updated the version of the library and now it works. Thank you for your help.