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List of pitches and durations from PDF score to OpenMusic

Dear all, I would like to ask if there is any software tool to get a list of pitches (midicents) and a list of durations (proportions ) from a PDF score for using in OpenMusic. Thank you, PetrH

Whether this were realistic would, I think, depend heavily on how the PDF was created. Given that PDF files can contain any graphical data, what you’re asking about is the optical music recognition problem.

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Yes, as Johnathan states, it is to be found in an optical music recognition program, and it is problematic. There are no perfect ones available unfortunately, most particularly if the sheet music is not a standard one.


Thank you Karim ane Johnathan, yes - OCR software, I know. Do you have any recommendations for relatively reliable software? I need to process a large number of scores and a “manual transcription” would be very tedious, the checking will also be tedious. Thanke you, PetrH.