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Lisp objects in Openmusic

Hello all,

I am trying to perform the following lisp operation in OM.

“Bananas are the best fruit” -> ((b a n a n a s)(a r e)(t h e)(b e s t)(f r u i t))

I know there are several lisp objects in OM that are undocumented and was hoping to find the best way to accomplish this.
In addition, if anyone knows where I can find documentations for these (ex. lisp concatenate, lisp make-string-input-stream) I would be very appreciative.

I may need to write a new lisp function but wanted to see if there was an easier way…

Much Appreciated,

Hi Brandon,

A fast reply. Sending you a patch i use. It could be simpler.
bananas.omp (7.1 KB)

As for the documentation you can find this here interesting and very handy:



Thank you so much Karim. This made my day!