Lisp files not being recognised in OM

Good evening!
I’ve just updated my OM copy to 6.15. All well and happy but for one thing! For some reason lisp files (.lisp) - which are safely in the patches file - cannot be called in OM. Would any one have a solution/reason/fix please?
To be clear - I have my lisp file in patches; I then start OM and then in a patch in OM cmd-click and type the name of the lisp file - is this correct (in order to access the lisp code as a function)?

Thanks very much in advance,

Hello — What do you mean by “Lisp files are in patches files” ? Do you mean in the “OM 6.15/patches/” folder ? If so, I have to guess that you are on Windows or Linux (which one of the two) ?
And finally if you had to type a name in a patch to access code that is in some of your .lisp file, you need to type the name of a function that is defined inside this file, not the name of the file itself (a same file can contain a lot of different functions).
I hope this helps,

Dear Jean,

Many thanks for your response. By placing the code in the lisp editor and evaluating it I was able to find the correct name for the function. Thank you for pointing this out - it was making me crazy (and now foolish, seeing how simple the solution was!).