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LISP code in OM

OM beginner here trying to port this example from PWGL:

I’m assuming a LISP function box and OM-chord object would be the best way to reconstruct this in OM.
I’m struggling to see how I can set the variables using the LISP function box? (ideally to call from outside the code as in the example)
any advice would be much-appreciated thanks!

Hi SmokeDoepferEveryday

Here you go. Same principle as the PWGL code-box wrapped in a lambda expression:

Here is the zipped folder:
infinity series.zip (2.6 KB)

(Notice that we multiplied the output by 100 in order to obtain midicents)


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Many Thanks @haddad I see how the Lambda args work now

I can’t seem to import the .oml into my workspace – I can load the zipped patch but it doesn’t open the function – is there something I’m doing work to import? or is there a way to load this correctly?


You should just import the folder using ‘import folder’

  1. unzip the archive
  2. right-click in the workspace and choose import folder
  3. import the unzipped folder.

Hope this helps.


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thankyou @haddad all fixed :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: