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Libraries missing from website


Don’t know if something has gone wrong here, but the libraries:

Morphologie (by F. Voisin)

OMCS / OMRC (by M. Laurson and O. Sandred)

OM_ASX (by H. Tutschku)

OMPitchField / OMTimePack (by P. Nauert)

OMCombine (by M. Malt)

are currently unavailable from the website. The page just loops back to the forum.


OMTristan appears to have problems loading on OM 6.6 Windows…(does it even work on windows? I’m not sure from the docs)

Thank you!


Sorry about that. I’ll put them online as soon as possible, and will keep you posted.



Update (sorry about the delay):

All the “extra” (i.e. third-party and/or non-Forum) libraries are now available for download from the OM project webpage:



Announcement to OM lib developers: do not hesitate to contact us if you want them to be shared and listed on this page!

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Hello, maybe you also have the CMI library, written (if remember well) by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi?

Do you know where I can found it?



Dear Giuliano,

The library you are talking about never was ported to OpenMusic. In fact, it is an PWGL library. I think you can find it here :



Best regards