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Libraries loading twice

Hi everyone,

While I’m loading libraries, I’m having this error message. Does someone knows the solution please?

All the best,


Ekran Resmi 2022-10-02 13.15.38

Hi cgdstnk,

Apparently you have the same library twice in your library folder, one of them i presume goes with ‘OMRuben xxx’ maybe.

  1. First check your library path in om preferences under the Libraries tab, it should look something like that:

Note here no extra custom path are loaded. So the default folder is mentionned in Location(s). (under Mac it should be /Users/account_user_name/OM/Libraries.

The fix is to remove one of them from the path,

Hi haddad,

I was backing it up in another file. It was fixed only when I left it in the relevant file.

Thanks a lot,

All the best,