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Latency on Max 6

Hello all
I’m not sure this is the right place to solve my problem but…
Well I’m starting to work on a noew project using Max6. A very simple patch using Omax.yin+. I have a problem of latency on audio between input and output… Do I have to change something in the audio parmeters of Max or this problem come from my sound card?
Any help welcome!!


This seems rather a Max related question. You would have more chances to get an answer if you post your question on the Max Forum…
From what you wrote, please reduce your buffer window/hop size in the audio settings of Max.

Or is it related to Omax.yin+ object ?

Thanks for reply… I’ll try on the Max Forum

Latency problems usually boil down to lowering the buffer size. Go to Options/Audio Status/IO Vector Size. In general, lower buffer sizes mean lower latency, but can also mean poor audio quality. It’s a tradeoff.

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