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Laggy / Stuttering Appearance in OM Sharp Patches


Now that I have my bearings I am trying to set-up an om# environment for myself. I have a few patches imported and have found that they are almost unbearable to use due to the lag and stuttering when manipulating the patch.

  • This can be anything from connecting an outlet to an inlet - the patch cable is very slow to follow the mouse movements and sometimes will show a ‘ghost’ of where the patch cable was before catching up.

  • Evaluating patches and seeing them in the listener - if I evaluate a simple patch (generate 5 random numbers 10 times) in quick succession the listener window will lag and then spit out all evaluations at once.

  • Selecting items and moving with SHIFT+Arrow - Items will take around 250 to 500+ msec to move from one position to the other. Clicking and dragging is even worse.

Steps I have taken-

  • I have reproduced this on both an AMD and Intel chip and GPU. Patches have been used in both OM and OM#. (OM does not have any of these lagging issues.)

  • I have saved imported patches in the OM# format and then reopened them - the issue persists.

Looking at my performance on the machine it is not being taxed at all. ie, I don’t believe it to be a limitation of my machine.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions for how to get OM# running as smooth as OM does?

Hi! I’d be interested to have a look at it: could you share one of these patches, either here or in a private message? Thanks!


Happy to share the patches. For the most part they are identical as I just ported the OM patch into OM# and let it do the conversion. I don’t believe this is a localized case (ie. this patch is too large or intensive) as I have had the same stuttering behavior on much simpler patches when trying to drag cables from one outlet to an inlet. This patch just showed the issues most readily.

GEN Tone Row Matrix.omp (77.3 KB)

GEN Tone Row Matrix.opat (175.0 KB)

Let me know if I can provide anything else!

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