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Just like this… a patch

hi @carminecella and everybody,

Just to go deeper with Orchidea, I’ve made a patch (completly inspired by the tuto #2 ) with all specific objects.

Here it is, with the soundfile which is the one for this patch, it works, but sometimes the tune is not the same as original

Enjoy, and share,


Orchidea-idea.zip (616,0 Ko)

That’s wonderful, thanks for sharing!
I’ll check it out

Hi Carmine, and everybody

here’s a bit cleaner version…



Orchidea-idea .zip (620,2 Ko)

Hi Jerome
thanks so much. I’m trying to see how we can have a “contrib” web site for Orchidea.

this patch is deprecated…


here you are. The Forum is exactly made for that.
@carminecella, why not creating a project orchidea-sandbox on the forum so as people can add some patches to a basic orchidea Max Project ? They you can make it growing collectively while versioning it thanks to git-lab.
@smalllotus, you could also share your patches as a project, if you want people to interact. It might be more handy than an attached file on this discussion thread.


hi Greg,
yes I’m considering to create a contrib space around Orchidea. I will post news here as soon as I know.
All the best