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Issue saving/reading track as json


I am working on a mubu(cartart)-based live patch and have an issue managing descriptors tracks data saved as a json.

While working on my soundfiles to get analyzed etc, I use the ‘writetrack descriptors_track name.json’ message to save my descriptors track. Fine.

My live patch is setup with a mubu containing 8 buffers (each having an audio track and its corresponding descriptors track). I basically would like to import both audiofile and json descriptors track in the selected buffer of my mubu.

Problem is when doing so (setting active buffer using ‘bufferindex n’ then ‘readtrack descriptors.json’), my mubu get overwritten and all other buffers get deleted.

Am I missing a way to either save a track as json without including the number of buffers or a way to import a track while ignoring the numBuffers key stored in the json ?


Hi Julien, good point! That looks like a bug. If you use .txt or .mubu the other buffers stay there.

Hi Diemo,

Thanks for confirming. Yes, I’ve been using simple txt in the mean time. A bit less convenient than json but it works.

Thanks !


FWIW, this is also the case when saving a whole buffer (containing both an audio track and descriptors track) in a json. Trying to read it again in another buffer delete all other buffers in the mubu container.


PS: I think I came across another bug with mubu. Is it better to report it here or just add an issue in gitlab ?