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ISiS sudden errors

Hi Axel,

ISiS command line used to output expected results but now I have this in the console log below.
Any hint please ?

ISiS_terminal_log.rtf (39.8 KB)

mac OS 10.14.6



p.s. now this is weird the MAX ISiS m4l device works fine. It must have something to do with the score and the corpora…

Hello Nadirb

first point seems to be that you changed the last line of the default song from

e Z @ t E m E _


e Z @ m E m E _

Very obviously this change in its default song is highly disturbing for ISiS :slight_smile:.
More seriously … there were a few bugs in ISiS that I have solved in an upcoming 1.2.9. And that should then normally allow you to also change the default song as you did.

I hope I will be able to upload the new version over the next days.


Yes I must have tweaked the defsong to play with the Xampa the first time I downloaded this wonderful engine ! But how outrageous on my behalf ! My apologies to ISiS :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well I did copy a command line output from the M4L device and pasted it in a terminal window… :ok_hand:

Thank you Axel !

Could you please try now with version 1.2.9 ?


Still the same issue. And this time I used the original defsong…
And still operational with the M4L device with v1.2.9 loaded

ISiS_terminal_log.rtf (42.7 KB)

I would like to try with a musicXML file, is it already implemented ?

Thank you Axel


Hello Nadirb,

I tried under linux with ISiS version 1.2.9 and database RT version 1.1.0 before publsihing the relase and tried now again and tried as well under MacOS with ISiS 1.2.9 and database RT version 1.0.2. Nothing ! I cannot reproduce your problem. It is very difficult for me to compare an RTF file with my own log files. Could you please simply attach the log file that you should find next to defsong.wav with the name defsong.log ?


Hi Axel,

I must admit I do not understand neither. I used to use both the CLI and the M4L device without any trouble.

Yes sure, here is today’s log :

defsong.log (59.2 KB)

And here is the log from the successful script I’ve copied from the M4L device

om.xml_06-11-2021_11h53m25s-MS_None.log (11.3 KB)

to be continued…

Thank you.


Hello Nadirb

your log file shows a few differences that I cannot really explain. Either the RT database is broken, or the config files have changed. As you just installed the new version the config files should have been updated. The M4L script uses the MS database so it does not have the problem. Also only 2 of the diphones that are used in the default song are different between your RT database and mine.

So I would suggest removing your RT database and reinstalling RT 1.1.0 again.

Hi Axel,

I’ve reinstalled the RT db and the issue is now resolved ! (I was still using the previous version, my bad. I owe you on this one…)

Thank you Maestro !