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Isis course/workshop?

Hello Axel, hello Greg,

Would it be possible for Ircam to offer a workshop on Isis as part of its professional training courses? Or in another context?


Hello Jean

I do not see a principal problem here, but I am not involved in the pedagogical
activities, so I cannot make too many statements on that question.
Maybe @beller can tell whom you would need to ask.

For the moment I hope that we will get the new version 1.3.0 into a final state with not too much delay.


Hi @Janus and thanks for the request.

It is dully noted and we look forward setting up something for 2025/2026.
The 2024/2025 season is already underway…
In the meantime, maybe tutorials will follow the next releases of ISiS…
So please be patient and stay online…