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ISIS 1.2.9 with Max ISIS

Can someone tell me if MaxIsis can work with isis 1.2.9 ?

Hi. Yes. You just need to drop your isis.sh file in the MaxIsis interface.


Merci Grégory.
I have not yet succeeded in synthesizing an audio file in Max Isis but a .cfg file is generated which I can then synthesize with Isis in the Terminal.
I’m still looking!

OK this is strange. The cfg file is indeed created by the max patch. Then the call of Isis might not be functioning. Would you have a look at what says the Max console. Maybe try avoiding character space in the path of isis.sh ?

It works!
There was indeed a problem with the paths. The cfg files was created elsewhere than the xml file. Sometimes in the application folder, sometimes in the patchers folder… And Isis could not access them. Maybe because the patch, when you open it initially, keeps the paths from Greg’s computer. Just a guess. I seem to have unblocked this by running the patch in edit mode. By chance. But it’s not clear yet. I’m trying to recreate the problem to understand.