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Is Modalys actually working with poly~?

Hello everyone, I’m trying to build a polyphonic Max4Live device employing modalys~.
Release notes from Modalys 3.2.0 say “poly~ with Modalys had been broken in recent beta builds”. I’m currently using Modalys 3.5.1 but release notes don’t mention poly~.
I tried to build a device but everytime modalys~ receives the first note, Max crashes. Does anyone has tried it? Do you know if it’s possible to make it work?
Thank you in advance.

Hi Olbos,

Yes poly~ works with Modalys for Max.
The “marimba” example (Extras menu → Modalys for Max Instrument Series) does use a poly~.
Check out Modalys 3.6.
if you are still encountering issues, the best is to post a small example for us take a look at.