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Is anyone using camu.select or camu.imubu.control?

While preparing a much improved documentation and package structure of catart-mubu, it appeared that the two abstractions camu.select and camu.imubu.control can be simplified a lot in terms of their inlets (from 4 to 2 for camu.select, which makes it so much clearer what goes where).
Of course, this means that patches using them would have to be reworked.
Is anyone relying heavily on these two or can we just go ahead and make the change?
Cheers, Diemo

Hi Diemo,

I think I used came.select in some previous versions of my patch but removed that dependency in the end. So no problem (should I dig out these test patches at some point, they are now probably broken, anyway…).


Hi Diemo. Thanks for consulting! I am all for simplification and on my end it would not disrupt any prior work / patches either.

Thanks for your answers, but we found we can simplify while staying backwards-compatible, by keeping the inlets and just not using them in the conventional situation.