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Ircamax Max For Live devices not working in Ableton Live 9

Anyone else seeing this? The combination of Live 9 and Max 6.1 is not a good one, apparently, because in the beta version of Live 9 the Ircamax collection of Max For Live devices is not working.

The devices seem to be activated, but then the graphical elements from the device disappears after 0.5 seconds. If I try to open the devices in Max 6.1, it freezes.

Any ideas?



Don’t worry, we know the problem and it has already been fixed. We will publish a new release very soon after the official Live 9 launch.


Jean Lochard - Ircamax développer

For Support Team :

Glad to hear , ignore my inquiries!



Just a friendly reminder that Live 9 has been out for a couple of days now, and I am ready to receive my working Ircamax update. :slight_smile:



Yes please, we need Ircamax with Live9! :wink:


Just released !

Ircamax for Live 9.0 and Max 6.1


Haha yes! Excellent!

Thanks for these amazing tools! :wink:


Ircamax inLive 9 doesn’t ask for the activation code, so it doesn’t work this happens in Live 9 64 bits…

I am guessing the Ircamax externals are 32 bit, so that you can’t use them in the 64-bit version of Live 9?

Oh what a pity…:frowning:

Is it working in 64bit or not?


No, it will not work in 64-bit. We have to recompile some externals and waiting for that the official SDK from Cycling’74.

Please be patient !




Jean Lochard – Ircamax developper