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Ircamax devices causing latency (even switched off)

Hello guys,

I have a strange issue which makes my use of these outstanding devices very uncomfortable. When I put just one IRCAMAX device, no matter which to my ableton project, my overall monitoring latency becomes about 1 second - which is actually unplayable. So my mic, external gear monitored through ableton and all VSTs have very noticeable latency. Yes, of course I tried to increase or decrease buffer size, but it has no effect. The latency stays even I turn off the device. Only way to get to normal state is to put a device away from a chain (selecting, then hitting backspace).

Another complaint is very big CPU comsumption, which I somehow understand, because of quality of algorithms, but… for example SuperVP synth in poly mode can’t perform more than two voices chord without CPU dropouts with the highest buffer size of 2048 samples. This is really limiting the functionality of this bundle… I can just dream of using for example Multiband delay live on stage… I have Macbook Pro I7, 8GB RAM, fast SSD, so computer isn’t that bad…

Am i doing something wrong, or can you please help me at least with first issue?
Thanks a lot!


Firstly , Super VP is really demanding in term of CPU use … 8 GB of ram is a bit limit to run some of the plugins specially with Super VP synth.
Was is your processor on your mac ???

Normally Super VP as 250 ms Latency , but if your mac don’t have enough Ram it could be worth… the latency could change if your treatment is really

But Multiband delay don’t use Super VP it’s only a Max patch and if you have problem with this one , it certainly means your processor is really limit ….

the buffer size could be at 1024 for normal use and it just change the window size ,

I have a Mac book pro I7 at 2,66 ghz with 8 gb of ram and most of the plugins don’t create problems. an other point is SSD don’t make any differences for using Ircamax.

Now I am like you for the latency problems , and most of the time I convert my Ircamax midi files in Audio when it’s Ok to reduce this kind of problems.

Sorry about this….

One question: Normally you should have a set up file with the Ircamax collection, Can you run it ??? because we made this demo with an I7 and 8 gb ram memory …

Let me know if you have new problems and I will talk about your problem to the Ircamax crew at ircam

All the best