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Ircamax 2 Freezer issue


I just purchased Ircamax 2. The Freezer device doesn’t seem to work properly.
I don’t get any sound when I play audio from the “Main” section, the “contour” section works.
I tried to fix it within Max/Msp but everything seems fine. The issue seems to come from the supervp.scrub external. No audio comes out of it.
I have the Ircam Forum Max Msp libraries install on my computer (supervp, modalys…). In Live 32bits version, it works fine.
Ableton support adviced me to reinstall max, reinitialize the preferences and remove temporally the Ircam libraries but it doesn’t solve the issue.

Configuration :
OSX 10.11.4
Max 721
Live 9.6

Thanks for your help,