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Ircam Max 2 - IM PsychHamoniser - Ableton 12


I’m not sure if anyone can help but since upgrading to Ableton 12, I’ve found that some of the IRCAM Max package (purchased through Ableton) does not work with Live 12, which is dissapointing. I’ve attached a screenshot where you can see an issue with (psychoirtrist~: unable to load object bundle executable)

Any info as to how this could be resolved would be much appreciated!

Hi I just posted about this as well; no response yet but I could resolve two (well one and a half) of them on my own.

IM-Freezer gave me errors for supervp.scrub~ and sogs~. If you download the newest version of the SuperVP package here it has a working supervp.scrub~.mxo.
IM-Freezer is using an older supervp.scrub from 2021. To replace it you can open IM-Freezer’s max editor and unfreeze(snowflake button) the device; this will create an IM-Freezer Project folder in Documents/Max 8/Max for Live Devices/.
There in the externals folder you can replace the supervp.scrub~.mxo with the new one from the SuperVP package. If you save the device & use that one instead it should work.
This will at least allow you to use the ‘Main’/time-stretching & formant etc half of the device. The Contour/granular half uses sogs~ which I couldn’t find an updated version of.

The same process works for IM-Notetracker and the ~yin.mxo object, which you can find an updated version of in Somax 2.

I couldn’t find updated versions of any other objects that are showing errors so that’s as far as I got. So Chromax, both Modalys, Ianalyzer, the contour half of Freezer, and PsychHarmonizer like you said are still broken.

Sorry if that was excessive detail but I included it just in case anyone finds this who’s in the same boat as me as far as not really knowing sh*t about Max but desperately wanting to keep using Freezer since it’s one of my favorite devices (and also I paid $200 for it lol)