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Introduction to MuBu

Hey everyone, brand new user here :wave: :slight_smile:
I’m currently writing the dissertation for my electronic music composition degree, and I’m planning to realize a Max/MSP patch.
The idea is to have the patch constantly running and listening to the surrounding environment, recording only the sounds that respect certain criteria. After a certain amount of time (ideally 24 hours, but I’ll start with shorter intervals), it should combine all the collected samples (following other criteria and using algorithmic composition) creating a short “picture” of what the surrounding environment sounded like.
I’ve looked around and it seems like MuBu might be a great tool to achieve what I have in mind but, being completely new to it, I’m a bit lost at the moment. :grimacing: I have the idea fairly clear in my mind but the actual implementation seems really daunting (obviously :nerd_face:)
Can you point me to some basic info? I could explain more in detail what my plan is, but at the moment I’d be more than happy with setting up a super-basic patch with an adc connected to MuBu analyzing what it receives.
Thanks for any help and feel totally free to ask more questions! :pray:

Hi @b4_0t,

From what I understand about your project, MuBu seems to me to be the right candidate. Once installed, visit the MuBu Overview in the Extras menu of Max. Next to the list of all objects in the library, you will find tutorials. I imagine a Mubu functioning as a ring buffer from which some data is copied into another Mubu, a corpus containing events considered interesting. It remains to determine what interests you with pipo descriptors.

Happy patching

Hi @beller,

first of all, thanks for replying :slight_smile:
I’m working my way through the tutorials you suggested: what you describe is more or less what I had in mind, I’m glad to see it can be “easily” done using MuBu.
I’m actually really impressed by pipo!
I will almost surely post more questions as I develop the patch, but in the meantime thanks again for your help :upside_down_face:

Hi, I’m also making an installation that does something similar, so if it helps you, you can read Diemo Schwarz’s answer to my question at this link.

Good job!

Hey @massimilianomascaroI,
thanks a lot for the heads-up, I appreciate it!

How’s your project going? I’d be really curious to know more about it.

It takes a lot of time! But I’m sure a great job will come with MuBu. Max isn’t always that easy to program, but I’m sure you’ll do a great job too.

Keep us post.
Don’t forget you can also advertise your event on the forum or simply share your solution.

Happy patching

When I arrive at an acceptable algorithmic solution it will surely be posted here.