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Interpolation between n bpf-libs

in the patch here attached I have a simple loop that interpolates between two bpf-libs. I’d need to generalize the process to an arbitrary number of bpf-libs, so that the first bpf-lib is interpolated in n steps with a second, then the second bpf-lib is interpolated with a third, then the third with a fourth, and so on…
Thanks for your kind attention, as always.
Francesco Vitale
Patch 113.omp (61.0 KB)

Hi francesco,

Maybe like this:

The patch:
patch 114.omp (111.3 KB)


Many, many thanks Karim, for your reply. Unfortunately, using a sightly different method to feed the bpf-libs into the loop, I get this message: Error while evaluating the box OMLOOP 9 : No applicable methods for #<standard-generic-function bpf-list 40E0B34CDC> with args (#<bpf 41A0D832FB>). I really don’t know what’s causing it. Here’s also the .omp attached. Any ideas?
interpolate between n bpf-libs.omp (231.0 KB)

You should just connect the first output (self) of your bpf-libs to your x-append.


Ok, sorry, I figured it out soon after I wrote the post that I was connecting the wrong output. But even with this correction, the loop doesn’t work. I made a very simple new patch where you can see that there’s a big difference between the interpolation made “manually” for each couple of bpf-libs and the interpolation with your loop…

interpolate between n bpf-libs new.omp (113.3 KB)

yes sorry,

try this:
patch 115.omp (130.5 KB)

Thanks Karim. Unless I’m missing something, even this last version of the loop doesn’t work. You can see it very clearly with the bpf-libs of the last patch I sent you (here attached you can find an updated version with your “interpolation” loop). Strangely enough, it interpolates only the first and the fourth of the bpf-libs (why?). But surely we are getting closer to the desired result.

interpolate between n bpf-libs new 1.omp (87.0 KB)

Here you are
interpolate between n bpf-libs new 2.omp (116.1 KB)

Great! One last question: if I have one big bpf-lib, and I generate from it with group-list several bpf-libs to be interpolated, how should I connect the grouped bpf-libs to your patch? The problem comes because the patch requires the first output. Many, many thanks again for your brilliant support.

You can’t.
mypatch takes a list of bpf-libs and not a list of bpf.
What do you want to do exactly here?

Ok, never mind the grouping. But suppose I have only a big bpf-lib (where many smaller bpf-libs are stored): how can I feed it into the patch? Here, in this simple example, the bpf-lib is the sum of the 4 bpf-libs with x-append, but the bpf-lib I’m actually working on in my OM Workspace contain dozens of bpf-libs (I can’t send it because the data is very heavy).

I’ve made a modified version of the patch that accepts the second output of the bpf-lib, but the interpolation is made only for half of the bpfs. Maybe you can readily spot where the programming error lies… Thanks for your patience, we’re nearly there!
interpolate between n bpf-libs new 3.omp (62.3 KB)

Ok Karim, I’ve finally managed to use your patch with the second output of a single bpf-lib. This is what I wanted to achieve. I’ll never thank you enough for your precious support.

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