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Integrated working environment for CataRT

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Dear Diemo ,

I was working with some of my students trying to build an integrated working environment for CataRT using the CataRT Mubu distribution.
Unfortunately browsing through all the tutorials has put into evidence severe inconsistencies between the patches.
One main problem is that all the libraries are based on a single MUBU container name [Corpus] and [Audio] track.
So in order to create two or three of them means to rebuild all the abstraction from scratch (at least to check their names, re-open bpatchers etch). This is a serious problem.
Then the practical Key Mixer patch is very difficult to map to any compatible controller (from iPad using Mira or Touch OSC etc…) due to the fact that it has been build and patched (lots of bpatcher there) in a very peculiar way.
So we call for help and guidance from your side, if possible.
Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.
Many many thanks.


Hi Federico,

that’s a great endeavour your embarking onto. We’ll try to help you on your journey as much as we can! Some first answers:

  1. the catart-mubu library of abstractions in lib all take the mubu corpus container name as first argument and the name of the descriptor track as 2nd argument.
    It is right that the audio track name is supposed to be audio. Does your use-case need to switch between different audio tracks?
  2. the more advanced tutorials are actually composition patches contributed by Aaron @einbond and Christopher @ctrapani. They do a lot of things but definitely need more cleaning up/explanations to be able to be reused in other settings. Maybe Aaron and Chris can give some help here.


Hi Diemo,

many thanks!
Let’s see what we can do all together.
Congrats for your residency!

F. P.