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Installing ISis & MaxISis


I’ve downloaded ISis 1.2.6 and MaxISis 1.3, and followed through the installation protocol for ISis and the three available vocal corpora (and set up EL as default), as is detailed here.
When running the MaxISis patch with Max 8, I get no output, and these messages from the Max console…

Am I missing something? I’m running Max 8 on macOS Mojave 10.14.5.

Any hints or insights on this issue would be most welcome.

All the best,

Hi @antonioflorenca,

Did you try the same command line in a terminal ?
Does it say the same ?
A workaround is to set manually the path of the voices corpora in your .bash_profile (in your home) by adding the following lines:

export ISIS_CORPORA=‘your_path_to_the_voices_folder’
export ISIS_VOICE=‘RT’

Hope this helps…

Very best and my best isis wishes for 2020…

Hi Greg,

I needed to do what you suggested to work with ISis as a command line tool, but for some reason it didn’t work for MaxISis…

ISis is great, it has a beautiful sound, and works flawlessly as a command line tool — thus far, I had no trouble on that front.

All the best,