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Input Data

Hello there,

Is there any other way to input data on CataRT Standalone rather then via MIDI?!
Many thanks


Hi Ale, what do you mean with data? Parameter control? The latest version 1.4 now accepts OSC input for everything, notably /catart/select x y for target position control.


Thank you Diemo for the information. I still have two questions:

1 - Where would the osc data would be received in the standalone? I don’t see options for it, as for midi.

2 - In any case, with either midi input or osc, what I would like to do is to control parameters other than x y. Is it possible for instance to give midi or osc messages to switch between the tiling options, to change radius, etc?

Thanks again!

Hi there,

1.- I know i’m repeating the question, but i would like to control CataRT with OSC, not only x, y. Where can i found the CataRT OSC strings for the different parameters. I guess CataRT has an UDP receive object, does it need to be activated?, Whats the CataRT port, anyway ? sorry, find the port but messages are not clear.

2.- Also i’d like to have access to the audio outputs, is it possible? to send for instance, different Audio files to different outputs or to different SPAT inputs.


Did you see the comment in the About window, where you can also set the port number?:

OSC messages of the form /corpus1/ will be dispatched to the parameter

For the outputs, you might consider using SoundFlower, or simply use the patch version of cataRT.

Thanks Diemo,

1.- Ok i can control parameters, but i can not control properly the 2D controller, i’m using /catart/select/x y, but i guess my pictslider scaled dimensions are wrong. what are the 2D controller dimensions?

2.- SoundFlower is Ok, but how can i get the patch version of CataRT.

Thank you again Diemo


for select, the x and y parameters are between 0 and 1

The patch version is at http://imtr.ircam.fr/imtr/CataRT


I find cataRT very useful for so many projects. I’m currently working on a dance piece. I’ve mapped a 2D space with ultra sonic sensors and would like to map this space to catart.lcd. I can of course play the grains in order, but could I play them according to where my dancer is in the 2D space? I mean, to map the room 2D space 1:1 to the lcd screen. I would like to be able to control the descriptors for the x- and y-axes as well and not loose this mapping of the room and lcd. I get distance values from the sensors.

I had an idea of doing this with the cataRT standalone since of course I can map the movement in space to midi values. But with the patch version I’d be able to distribute the grains in space much easier. Looking at all the example tutorials, I didn’t understand how to control the patch version similarly as the standalone, with a kslider. Of course it would be grand to just map the dancers movement in space directly to the catart.lcd without using midi.

Best wishes,


Hi Maija,

I just documented this better on http://imtr.ircam.fr/imtr/CataRT_App_Documentation#OSC_Control:

The OSC message /catart/select controls the target position in the lcd display by coordinates between 0 and 1.

I’d suggest to store the x/y axis choice in a preset, that you can recall via midi program change (see http://imtr.ircam.fr/imtr/CataRT_App_Documentation#MIDI_Control for the midi mapping).

In the patch version, tutorial “catart tut 2-6 multi-point multi-channel” shows how to control the target position in Max (message setpos), and messages x/y/c-descriptor-menu choose the axes.

Do you have documentation of your previous and current work with CataRT?


Hey Diemo,

Fantastic! As you can probably see, I’m still a beginner with using cataRT. I’m so grateful for the info and help :slight_smile: I’m slowly discovering the program and am thrilled to find it so versatile.

I’m working on my first cataRT project now. It’ll be in premiere on 18th September. We’re making some demo videos of the project so yes, then I can send you documentation. Well, it’s just a first project… nothing fancy.

I was really impressed with how Aaron Einbond uses cataRT in his compositions. Looking forward to learning it very well and using in my future projects. I’ll start PhD in composition and electro-acoustic music in UC Berkeley and would love to have a close contact with Ircam as well. Did Cursus 1 and simply loved to work there.

Best wishes,