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Info about onsettimegate

Hi all,

I’ve managed to build a pretty nice setup for myself - it’s a hybrid of the Browsing Solutions tutorial and the MyOrch patch (huge thanks to Jerome for that!). In the process a bunch of questions have come up. I’m going to be teaching Orchidea this summer at the SPLICE Institute, so I’m hoping to fill in all the gaps I can.

Here’s the first: I’m having trouble controlling the sensitivity of the segmenting in dynamic orchestration. The onsetthreshold parameter is pretty clear, and I can experiment with onsettimegate. But is there any more info out there about the latter, other than “The values for timegates depend on the specific problem”?


Hello Per,

I’m very happy that you could use MyOrch for Browsing Solutions, I’ll be glad to see the patch…

Orchidea has a dark side and weaknesses, I’m also waiting for an update…

For the parameters, they are sometimes, quite vague. It is better to refer to the videos. HERE.



Aha! Yes, I had watched the livestream tutorial, but that was before I had dug into actual use. Turns out there is a single important sentence in there I had missed: timegate allows you to avoid segments that are too close together (in time). In the example that follows Carmine has it set to 2000, which is significant! Looking forward to experimenting more.

Thanks for pointing me there.