Imubu crashes Max after update to 1.9.8



I have a patcher with imubu linked to a big polybuffer~ (100 buffers). Since the update from MuBu 1.9.7 to 1.9.8, imubu crashes Max. If imubu is within a tabbed subpatcher (the usual situation in my patcher) the crash occurs systematically upon any attempt to open the subpatcher. However if imubu is in the main patcher the crash occurs but not at every launch. In this configuration, the crash happens very quickly when opening the patch (I’d say when buffers are filled or something like that) otherwise it seems not to happen at all. I have removed all the other MuBu objects so I am sure the issue comes from imubu (Max 8.0.5/Windows 10).


could you provide us in attachment with a simple patcher that reproduces this crash?


As the patcher loads a lot of buffers with sounds at startup and the imubu loads data of a previous analysis as well, shall I join the sounds with the patcher (and subpatchers) ? In this case it might be better to send this to you over WeTransfer or a similar service. What do you think?


Yes please, WeTransfert is the good solution. You can send me the link directly to my email: Thanks!


I think the bug is fixed. You can download the new mubu object for windows from here (just replace it in the last release).

Tell me if it works for you.
Best Regards


Hi Riccardo,

It seems to be solved now. Thank you.