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iMuBu Container render issue

I’ve always experienced this with MuBu, in Max7 and now in Max8, where the contents of the iMubu container do not match the size of the frame. I have observed this on both Mac and PC machines. See attached image.

Mouse interaction is scaled to the frame which makes data point manipulation erroneous. Is there any way to I can correct this? Is there some 3rd party framework I need to have installed for the frame to resize correctly? Something makes me wonder if there may be some dependencies for correct frame rendering.

MuBu 1.9.7
Max8 64b and Max7 64b
Behaviour observed on Windows & Mac OS

thanks for any advice



I am running Max 8.0.3 and MuBu 1.9.7 under Windows 10 and I don’t have this issue.

Couldn’t it be related to the version of Java installed on your computer? I think MuBu uses Java.

this should be fixed in the 1.9.8 release (available on the forumnet but not yet in PackageManager).

Hi! I have the exact same problem with Mubu 1.9.12 (installed from Max’s package manager). It looks like the [imubu] has trouble with detecting high dpi scaling. My system is set to 125% scaling. If I set it to 100% or disable scaling on the Max.exe, the problem goes away (with the cost of blurriness). Is there a way to fix this?

you are on Windows or OSX?
Please try to download the latest beta (1.9.14.BETA.4) from the Ircam forum and tell us if the problem is still there.



Hi! Thanks! I am on Windows 10. Will give it a shot with the beta too and get back to you here. :slight_smile:

Hi again! I can confirm that the [imubu] scaling issue on windows 10 (display scaling 125%) remains with version 1.9.14.BETA.4. Is there something else I can try?
Thanks a lot!

HI, sorry for the delay. When I change the system scale on windows I have your same problem with imubu. But if I close and restart Max, the problem disappear.
But I don’t have the problem with the internal scale of Max.exe.

My system has a 125% scaling by default, and I have the issue every time I create an imubu or a mubu. What do you mean by “But I don’t have the problem with the internal scale of Max.exe.”? Does this refer to enabling/disabling the High DPI rendering in the Max preferences, or changing the scaling settings in the OS for the Max.exe (with having a systemwide 100% scaling)?
Do you have a recommendation how I could fix this? Based on your answer I tried the following:

  1. (Windows scaling: 125%) Open Max > new patcher > make an [imubu] --> object fails to scale properly
  2. close Max, change OS scaling to 100%
  3. (Windows scaling: 100%) Open Max > new patcher > make an [imubu] --> scaling is correct
  4. close Max, change OS scaling to 125%
  5. (Windows scaling: 125%) Open Max > new patcher > make an [imubu] --> object fails to scale properly
  6. restart Max without changing OS scaling > [imubu] still fails to scale, ie. it renders its contents as if scaling was 100% but the object’s bounding box respects scaling.

Any tips? Thanks!

I hope I have finally fixed the bug, at least for me it works now. Can you please try this version of the mubu object? Just download it from the following link and replace it in the latest release. When you change the system scaling you have to close and reopen Max for the new value to be taken into account. tell us if it works for you. Best


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I can confirm, this version fixes the issue! Thanks so much!! It is still a bit blurry on display scale at 125%, but the mouse tracking works perfectly, and it responds well to window resize.

Best wishes,