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Import XML

Dear Karim,

I met a small issue while importing the xml from Finale to OM voice/poly.
TroisChantsPourCyberNostalgia_1_Test.xml (70.5 KB)
When I import this to OM7.0, I get this error message:

I would like to know how to solve or bypass this issue?

ps I am making some instrumentation tools within OpenMusic such as automatic harp pedal generation or accordion / Sheng / Sho fingering arrangement.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best wishes,

Dear Jianlin,

The import-xml feature in om is not perfect at all.
I succeeded in importing your file by first openning it in musescore, then by exporting it back in musicxml.
Many issues here:

  1. grace notes are not supported
  2. Apparently we have a missing time signature, (cannot say for sure because i don’t have the original)
    So this is how it looks like:

    And here is the re-exported file:
    TroisChantsPourCyberNostalgia_1_Test_musescore.musicxml (69.1 KB)


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Great thanks Karim!!
This saved me, I will try the musescore later! Yes the rhythmic is not exactly the same as in xml, it was a 12/4 beat in Finale and translated as 4/4 but it is already very nice result (note, proportion super exact) , it is then easy to translate to 12/4 in OM.
Have a nice weekend,