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Import and export midi


Import and export midifile is rather inaccurate in OM 6.12.
The durable values are not correct at all.
Can anyone tell me why? Is it possible to correct this?
I’m using Apple Macbook Pro 17 'Macos Sierra

Hugo Vogel

Hi Vogel.

Reporting misbehaviour or bugs without also telling us what you’re doing is useless.

For anyone here to be able to help please provide minimal test-cases to reproduce what you observe as “rather inaccurate”.



Hi Vogel. Please send a minimal test case, or describe your problem in enough detail so that i may reproduce it here.
The behavior you observe might well be a bug, and as such i’m very happy if you will help me find it, so that i can fix it.



I want to quantize the rhithm 1/32 of a chord-seq via logic=pro
OMfile—>savemidifile—>import Logic-pro
Logic Pro quantized file 1/32---->export from logic-pro-----> import to OM
To chord-seq-----> Quantized file in chord-seq OM
so far so good
for checking this file(chord-seq)—> save midifile----> import logic-pro
gives a different result, it should be the same as the quantized file
tempo OM 45, tempo Logic-pro 45.



170621-forumOM.omp (5.42 KB)

Hi Hugo.

If you import a midifile to OM, run it through a chord-seq and then export it to midi, the temporal info shouldn’t change.
However, OM will export midifiles from a chord-seq with tempo=60.

Sorry to be of little help. If you attach the 3 midifiles (out1 from OM, out2 from Logic, out3 from OM), it would perhaps be easier to get a clue where things screw up.


OMs import/export of midifiles seems to work. si it seems something’s happening during quantization (or perhaps while writing output) from Logic.

Please check on your machine with the attached patch, saving the chordseq to a midifile and importing this into a chord-seq again leaves two identical chord-seqs (check the ‘durs’ in the multi-seq). Exporting the ‘re-imported’ midifile out to a second midifile leaves two identical midi files on disk (test.midi and test2.midi).

Hello! I have problems opening straight MIDI-files in Open Music 6.12 Also MIDI files provided by IRCAM (CoreaImpro). I use macOS Sierra 10.12.6 I have attached the error message. I have also tried to save MIDI 0 and 1 format from Finale 25.4, Dorico 1.1 and Logic Pro X 10.3.2
To be sure, I also exported MusicXML and got the second error message. MIDI is okay for me for now.

Best, Dagfinn

Jay-TEST-3.midi (565 Bytes)

Dear Dagfinn,

I don’t know how you are importing your midifile, but i think it’s your method which is not correct.
You should proceed so :

  1. call a Midifile object (from classes->midi menu).
  2. evaluate the midifile object. You will have a openfile dialog
  3. choose your file
  4. Lock the object for further operations.

That’s as simple as it could get. Your midifile is ok and i have imported with om6.12 (on linux)

(cf. screenshot)

Cheers my friend !


Hello Karim, thanks for answering in the midle of the night! (I also tend to be awake to much.)

I have until now used the procedure you describe (I should have added it in the question).

The MIDI-file plays back. So something is happening on the way to the Chord Seq or Multi seq.

Please open the attached PDF with screen shots. I have also added a MIDI-file. This time a pop-music sketch…

I haven’t dug into

Skål my friend!

Best, Dagfinn

Fallen.mid (1.48 KB)

Hi Dagfinn. Seems you have an old version of OMTristan lib loaded. Either skip it or update to the current version from Rozalie Hirs’ site linked to from the omlibraries page:



Hello Anders, thanks a lot! MIDI import as well as MusicXML is now working thanks to your advice. And I have updated OMTristan, and furthermore reduced the number of libraries.

Best, Dagfinn

PS on Steinberg Dorico. To open musicXML-files in Open Music, the workaround for me is going thru Finale 25.4. But I have to work a bit on the quantizations. I am for the most writing per hand, then I put the music into Dorico, and there after continue in Open Music since I until now, have been using Open Music for pure pitch.


Do you have any ideo how to get a microtonal CHORD-SEQ object from a MIDI-FILE ?

The patch ( [MIDI File]—>[CHORD-SEQ] ) looks limited to Diatonic result only.

Best regards.

Hi Pierre,

There is no way to do that automagically, since microtones are not standard hard coded in MIDI, in short, in a midi file no note event will let you know if it is pitchbend or not.
However, depending on how you exported your midifile and on what system, there is always a way to import it in a chord-seq object.