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IM-Transp buffer not small enough

IM-Transp & IM-SimpleTransp don’t have small enough buffer (“window”) choices.
The smallest, 512 samples, is still causing too much latency in live-performance with percussive material.

I am running my system on very low buffer without any problems.
I was looking at the Max patches to see if I could modify the “window” options, but haven’t been able to locate the module/ settings yet.

Why is 512 the lowest setting allowed?
Will lower ones work if I modify the device patch?


I modified the patch, and it works now without audible latency (system buffer: 48 samples, device buffer: 96 samples).
But CPU-load is quite a bit higher (~50% on Live’s meter).



Just a quick remark about Super VP include in TRANSP , This technology is not a reel real time object, the latency can be important depending of your settings. this is why we made this differents limited windows presets … just to limit CPU usage.
Sorry for this … and hope you are satisfy with Ircamax Collection 1.
A future Collection 2 will be released by Ableton at the end of November 2015 with other technologies, like Modalys, Note tracker, Spych harmonizer etc…

All the best