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IM-PsychHarmoniser, a "hold" mode

Hey !!

In IM-PsychHarmoniser, a “hold” mode for the pitches line would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: )))


why don’t you just make a midi device?

May be you are right, I could even rebuild the device :wink:

Seriously, it really could be useful to people using devices in real-time performances and having to control more than two parameters at once…


Master Lochard agrees with me :))))))

My point is just that you can do that with another device and 4 objects. So before adding this I would look to see if that’s really a behavior that belongs to this particular device or if that’s something that is more high level.

What about using a sustain pedal ?

… sorry, I go out…

Hi Mikhaïl,

I agree with what you’ve pointed out, especially in the case of spectral delay, where delays just brutally “disappear” as soon as you release some keys when it’s being played via MIDI. But I don’t really want to overload the device. So I’d rather think of implementing a MIDI pedal “64” continuous controller thingie in any audio device that accepts MIDI data, and let our MIDInotesender device hold any kind of MIDI data (rather than solely MIDI notes) - if Jean agrees. This would be a more convenient way to solve the issue, as it would leave some space in the device, and perhaps invite anyone construct his/her own MIDI custom control, as EJ mentionned.


…And thanks for the feedback!