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A few comments about im-graindelay:

  • lcd should probably have local attribute set to 0 so you can’t draw anything on them
  • the dcoffset remover is harsh with low frequencies

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  • clip~… hum… I don’t necessarily hear it, but I see in in the multislider, so I must hear it too :wink:

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Hi Manu !

I did not notice for the lcd but I like what it do actually ! I will change it anyway for the next release…

Other idea for a good DC remover in Max ?

About the clipping, The idea was to add distortion with the feedback without having a growing signal. I’m trying now with a omx.comp, it sound better for me…


The traditional coeffs : 1. -1. 0. -0.9997 0.

If I were to use Freeze, that would be to make nice sounds :wink: so omx.comp or anything that doesn’t clip the signal sounds better to me.

Hi Ircamax_Guys…

A “clear” for the delay line would be greatly appreciated :))))

Good job guys…