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If you're authorized to but cannot download Ircam paid softwares

We’ve aknowledged the following issue:

If you are authorized to download a paid Ircam software but the Download button keeps redirecting you to the purchase page on the Ircam website, you must sign in to the Ircam shop at least once.

  1. Go to this page
  2. Once the animated loader disappear…
    • If you can see the price and the Add to cart button, it’s been done automatically.
    • If you’re invited to sign in to Ircam Auth, do it. When you can see the price and the Add to cart button, it means it’s been done.
  3. Refresh the project page of the software you’re trying to download on the Forum website. You should now be able to download it.
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For the shop, there’s a link in the footer of forum.ircam site

Thanks to Greg for this information



You’re welcome ! :wink:
The shop has been moved to the general Ircam website for a better and safer experience. Once subscription purchased, you can start download everything on the forum…