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I can't play sound on OM 7 OS 11.3.1 M1 macbook

I don’t succeed to play sounds on OM 7.0 OS 11.3.1 M1 MacBook. I followed all the instructions I could find on the forum (tried using r-udp, vmpk), but it does not work. I succeeded to add the VMPK as midi out and in, but the sound does not go through. Thank you, Ofer

Dear Ofer,

Please do follow these instructions on how to connect the right ports to the chosen midi player here:

If you still have problems with this connection please do send us more info (ie, like your om midi preferences screenshot).

Remember, you should launch first the midi player host (e.g. VMPK) and then OM, then connect the right port to your midi player.

Hope this helps.


More info on OM and vmpk in this post: