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Hue saturation and other tools for deriving data from images in OM

Greetings OM community,

Is there any way in OM to quantitatively determine hue and saturation of a certain area in a certain image?

I am very interested in other ways to derive data form images so would be eager to hear of any related ideas, libraries, patches, etc. Recently I have been drawing over the image contours with bpc to derive rhythmic content.

Best Regards,

HI Brandon,

Maybe you should take a look at Jean’s Pixel library:


Thanks very much Karim, this is interesting.
Any specific way to report the hue and saturation of the pixels rather than rgb? Thinking this may not be a feature yet…

If it helps, I found a photo with the calculation…

Hi Everyone,

Finished making a patch that does the calculation above, so issue is solved.

Much appreciated!

Hi brandonc,

Superb that you already made a patch that calculates RGB to HSL!

Please, can you share it?

(I am working on a photo sonification and would also like to try with HSL instead of RGB.)

All the best!


Dear Brandon, dear Aliser,

@Brandon: Sorry for the late reply. Apparently you succeeded, I am however posting a patch and a lisp method if you are still interested.

The patch:
rgb-to-hue.omp (13.5 KB)

The lisp file:
rgb->hue.lisp (728 Bytes)